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Find Your Smile Again with Dental Implants in Jacksonville, FL

At Dentures and More / Coastal Dental Services, we believe that no patient should have to live with missing teeth. When absent teeth are making it difficult for you to eat comfortably and smile confidently, we have a solution for you that’s equally attractive and functional. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or multiple as a result of an unfortunate accident, periodontal disease, or some other reason, we have a restorative solution for you. Count on our dedicated dentists to revitalize your smile and mouth functionality with custom dental implants in Jacksonville, FL

 Our dental practice is your first source for custom-made implants. For more than three decades, we have worked with patients of all ages to create personalized prosthetics that make eating, talking, and smiling easier than ever. Our skilled dentists and lab technicians are capable of fabricating restorative implant dentures and various other dental appliances. Let the compassionate specialists at our dental implant clinic help you achieve a fuller, more confident smile with a custom product that will restore the form, function, and health of your mouth.

Dental Implants in Jacksonville, FL

Learn More about the Dental Implant Procedure

Discover the convenience and simplicity of dental implants today. Dental implants are small, root-sized cylinders made of ceramics or titanium that are inserted directly in the patient's jawbone beneath a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A dentist will use these implants to replace damaged or missing roots that have been impacted due to disease or trauma. After the dental implant procedure, the implant is used as an anchor for a new bridge, crown, prosthetic or other restoration. 

What makes dental implants so desirable among patients is their unique versatility. They can be made to resemble the natural look of real human teeth, requiring only minor adjustments and regular brushing to keep them in good condition. Visit our dentist’s office to enjoy all of the benefits of a restored smile and fully functional mouth as soon as possible. 

Our Dental Implant Clinic Cares

Not only is a complete smile an essential part of one’s image, but it’s also a key facet of their oral and bodily health. Missing teeth present a clear cosmetic defect, but the gaps in between missing teeth also present a greater risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and possible bone loss. Fortunately, our practice offers customized dental restorations that are sure to improve our patients’ oral health and their quality of life. Let our dedicated specialists replace your missing teeth with an advanced dental solution.

When you visit our dental implant clinic to learn more about our selection of services, we provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. We understand that you may have questions or concerns about your individual oral needs. That’s why we offer free evaluations for patients looking for a starting point. If you’re ready for a dental restoration that’s equally attractive and functional, our dedicated dentists will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you’re a viable candidate.

We Make Your Dental Implant Procedure Simple

Your health is important to us. As with any medical procedure, our dental implant clinic takes steps to ensure your safety before considering any form of an implant. We recommend you work with our team to explore all of your treatment options before settling on any one approach. Let our team evaluate the condition of your teeth to glean more insight into your health. 

Our dentists will evaluate the condition of your oral bone and tissue, along with your general level of health. These factors all play a part in determining your eligibility for dental implants. In addition, our staff will also help you explore your financial options to ensure your restoration is affordable. Some implants may be more cost-effective for your lifestyle than others. Be sure to ask our team about our cash payment discounts. As your go-to dental team, we’ll provide you with a swift dental restoration or tooth replacement options that are sure to fit your needs and lifestyle.


Speak with Our Experienced Dentists Today

Discover whether you are a candidate for dental implants by speaking our dental implant clinic. There are many different cases in which implants are an option, including:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement

Every mouth is different, and a comprehensive evaluation can help our team learn more about how to approach your procedure concerning the condition of your teeth. See how you can boost your confidence, improve your speaking ability, and restore your mouth’s masticatory functions with our custom dental implants. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation, consultation, and treatment planning session today and get one step closer to having the healthier mouth and full smile you deserve. 

Contact our dentist’s office for a free dental evaluation and determine if you’re a viable candidate for custom dental implants. We proudly serve patients in Jacksonville, Live Oak, Yulee, Hilliard, Florida, and Kingsland, Georgia.