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Full Set Dentures in Jacksonville, FL

Are you ready to transform your smile? Turn to the doctors at Dentures and More / Coastal Dental Services for full set dentures in Jacksonville, FL. We create both top dentures and bottom dentures for patients of all backgrounds, and we strive to create cost-efficient solutions to your denture issues. Let us help you eat, speak, and smile more easily with custom dentures that match your needs.

A free evaluation will help you learn about the status of any remaining teeth, along with other valuable information regarding your oral health. Schedule your appointment with our denture doctors today to discover how we fabricate full set dentures to match the appearance and function of your current pearly whites. Our team is ready to provide more insight into your options.

Full Set Dentures in Jacksonville, FL

Sturdy Top Dentures

Secure the high-end top dentures you need to keep your smile looking bright and whole. Our denture specialists understand that your upper teeth play a large role in completing your grin. Without your upper teeth, it can be difficult to meet and greet friends, family, and coworkers. Let us help you take control of your life with realistic top dentures that stay firmly in place.

Our in-house fabrications lab creates dentures that look, feel, and behave like natural teeth. We are committed to creating dentures that fit your lifestyle, and when it comes to top dentures, we understand the importance of fit. Upper dentures must rely on suction to stay in place. Our team will measure your mouth and create dentures that stay where you want them when it matters most.

Lifelike Bottom Dentures

Chewing and speaking does not have to be a daily struggle. You deserve dentures that make going about your routine easy and stress-free. Visit our offices to learn how our custom bottom dentures can transform your life for the better. We tailor our fabrication process to each of our patients' needs in order to deliver a high-end prosthetic that suits your personal preferences. 

Our team creates bottom dentures that can withstand the pressure caused by chewing your favorite foods. These custom dentures stay in place for the duration of your meal - plus, they make it easier to articulate. If you are missing several of your bottom teeth, bottom dentures are sure to help. Reach out today to schedule your fitting appointment with our friendly team.

Contact our denture dentists to learn whether full set dentures are right for you. We create dentures for patients in Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Palatka, Fernandina Beach, and Lake City, FL.

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